The Prince Arthur Pub REVIEW

The Prince Arthur

The Prince Arthur Pub is situated in the residential streets of London Fields. The occasion for visiting, was for a joint birthday and leaving lunch gathering, for the restaurant manager that I am currently working with at Adam Street Members Club organised by my head chef David Hook. David worked at the pub for 3 years previous to Adam Street.

So after picking up David and his girlfriend jenny who is the celebrant, we made our way to this little pub in London Fields. After arriving we ordered drinks while we waited for the rest of the guests to arrive. Once everyone arrived we sat at our table and ordered food we were so hungry and so ready to eat. Not every one had starters (I guess they we’er not as hungry as we we’re). As it was a table for 10 we had a limited menu.

We had 3 starters 3 mains and 3 desserts to choose from. For us that did take starters we had ordered Smoked cod croquettes, dill aioli and Ham hock, foie gras and sage terrine, apple and blood orange chutney, once the order was taken thats when the trouble started.

The Prince Arthur-1

After waiting for 30mins for 5 starters to arrive to the table we tucked in to the starters to taste under seasoned Smoked cod croquettes that did not tasted old and nothing like smoked cod and lacked any real depth of flavour, and the terrine was fridge cold (should be served around room temp) under seasoned with a big sage leaf that over powered the taste of the over all dish with the chutney not really adding anything to the dish but a sour taste.

We waited for our starters to be cleared which took around 15min after we had finished and waited for our mains which took another 25mins which was ok as we all ordered. My wife Renata and I along with Jenny ordered Roast half free range Suffolk chicken, bread sauce, sage and onion stuffing with a tarragon gravy and everyone else had ordered the Roast rump of Cumbrian Galloway beef, Yorkshire pudding, creamed horseradish, red wine jus (all roasts are served with roast potatoes, carrots, Savoy cabbage and broccoli) and again the problem came along with under seasoned food ,with under cooked carrots and broccoli to a point where you try to put your fork into the carrot or broccoli and it would jump from you plate (not good) talk about very al dente, and the roast potatoes were waxy and not fluffy at all. The bread sauce came 5mins later after the mains were severed, which tasted like cold milk with raw bread crumbs and a big hit of clove and ground nutmeg with no salt and pepper to taste. The tarragon was non existent in the sauce with the roast chicken, but the chicken was cooked well with it still being moist. David ordered the beef and asked for it to be “rare as possible” the waiter said that he will tell the chef to serve him the rarest part possible, it came medium rare. Bread was ordered by one of us as they wanted to soak up the sauce from their steamed mussels, the bread came to the table frozen (OH NO).

I find it very hard to eat out as situations like this put me off. Pubs in general are known for their sunday roasts which are mostly the busiest days for the kitchen.

The over all dinning experience at the Prince Arthur was a disaster, the chef clearly had no love for the job that he has chosen to do. I find it very difficult to under stand how a chef can serve food that is bland with under cooked almost raw vegetables to paying dinners and think that it is ok for food like that to leave the kitchen.

My Overall Rating:

2 out of 10