1st Ever Kangaroo Burger, Would I Try It Again?

So last night I went out with a few old work mates from my previous job at Rules Restaurant. We started at the Opal Bar in Embankment just on the opposite side of the Themes River facing the London Eye. After we decided to go for more drinks at the Walkabout pub. Just down the road due to Happy Hour just starting. Walkabout is a chain of Australian themed bars operating in the UK.

As soon as we arrived everyone was feeling a little hungry, they were doing a 2for1 on burgers , so we had a look at the menu and decided to try the “Roo burger” as they called it.

With all the Horse meat scandal going on in the UK and Europe at the moment eating a “Roo Burger” didn’t seem so bad. (as i’v most likely have been eating horse meat for god knows how long? lol)

So what did it taste like?

The burger had an earthy taste with a hint of game (a little like venison) it’s one of those things where you have to try it to really understand the flavour. I was cringing a little because to me a kangaroo is an animal that is not supposed to be eaten, but I guess as it’s found everywhere in Australia, and one of their main meats, so with that in mind we tried the burger and enjoyed it very much, I would eat it again.

The only other weird meat I have eaten was Ostrich, which I had tried a few years back at a restaurant show while studying to be a chef. With being a chef, you are told to be open to trying new types of food when you are asked or get the chance to, but all in all I do try and be open to different types of food when I get the chance.

I will try and put up recipes with all my posts but as kangaroo might be a bit hard to get here in the uk, I’ve linked a recipe HERE Check it out.

A few nutritional facts about Kangaroo:

  • It has an energy (kilojoule) content that stacks up well against other lean red meats
  • Terrific source of high-quality protein
  • Low in fat, with less than 2% fat
  • Contains low levels of ‘undesirable’ saturated fats
  • Source of heart-friendly omega-3’s
  • Contains CLA, which has antioxidant properties and may help reduce body fat in humans
  • Particularly rich source of the minerals iron and zinc
  • An important source of several B-group vitamins, namely riboflavin, niacin, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12
  • Has the Heart Foundation Tick of Approval*


Would you eat a Kangaroo burger?

What has been the weirdest meat or dish you have eaten, and would you eat it again?

Please leave your comments down below and feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.