It has been a while!

Hello my fellow bloggers.

I just want to say thank you to the bloggers that read my post now and again and also thank you to the followers that have not stopped following, I hope you guys will stay around for some time, and keep reading Mircel’s Kitchen An Insight to a chef’s mind and recipes.

So I realised that I have not blogged in a long time. My last post was way back in April 2013 on the topic of Assessing taste.

I’ll be keeping this post relatively short.

So the 2 major things that has happened this past year?

Most recently my wife has given birth to our beautiful daughter Matilda. She had taken up most of our time but she is well worth it. She is calm and chilled when not hungry of course, she loves taking baths and she makes very cute sounds when she sleeps. Mummy and Daddy love you. ❤️




In June last year I was promoted to my very first Head chef position. Ten years since I first started cooking professionally, I had reached the position that I once hoped that I would be able to achieve.

I love cooking and I also love teaching about food. So being able to finally create the dishes that have been going around my brain these past ten years brings me happiness as I finally got the chance to bring them to life and share them with my team and our customers.

Below are some of the dishes my team and I have created.

Smoked duck breast, pineapple Carpaccio, cucumber, sesame, coriander


Dingley dell braised pork belly, lentil dhal, sour apple, crackling


Beef fillet, olive oil mash, turnips, celery, roast shallot, wild mushrooms


You can find more of our food pictures on my instagram @mircelmcchef

I should start posting more regularly now so keep checking back to see what’s up.

Let me know what you think off the food pics, and don’t be shy to comment how cute and adorable our little baby Matilda is.

Until next time.