My fitness journey

At the start of 2015 I finally decided to join a gym and start working out.

My Reason for Joining the fitness world


Everyone has different reasons to join a gym or just start to excersise a little more. Mine is the fact that almost a year prior to joining the gym my wife and I had a little girl Matilda. 

I realised that my lack of energy, constant on and off lower back pain for the past 15 years will not help me when it comes to her being carried in my arms when she is tired or sleepy, while she continues to grow and get heavier. 

Prior to Matilda (Tilly) being born I had private and NHS Physio therapy on my back. I was shown exercises and stretches but the therapists always said it would easily come back if not taken care of properly and constant exercise and movement of the back muscles will help in a huge way to release tension.  

I realised when I was at a birthday party holding Matilda in my arms and noticed that my back pain started to kick in and began to get more painful the longer I held her. 

I finally decide enough is enough and it was time to actually  join a gym properly and work out on a regular basis (Although it did take me 2 months after this to sign up and go)

Due to working hours as a chef and home commitments I train 4 days a week Tuesday-Friday from 3-4:30pm on my break from the restaurant. 

Some times I might end up getting to the gym a little later than I would like but, as long as I have some time before dinner service starts, I will make the effort to train even for 30mins. 

My new fitness lifestyle has now been going on for the past 10 months and my back pain has calmed down and is much better along with my new found energy levels. I have become much stronger and my body is in the best shape it has ever been in at this point. 

Holding Matilda in my arms is no longer a struggle due to back pain and has now become more plesant due to my new found strength and energy. 



If you have joined the gym recentlyand what are your reasons?

How long after making the decision to join a gym did it take for you to actually sign up and go?

I hope you enjoyed reading about my fitness journey so far and make sure you come back for some recipes that I will be posting soon.

In the mean time have a look at some of my recent posts and give some of the recipes a try and let me know what you think. 
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