Failing to meal prep.

It has been said that, the fitness journey must start in the kitchen before you sign up to a gym. With that said, I sure did start out in the kitchen but not for fitness purposes. 

You might think that being a chef would be easy for me to meal prep. No, I mean I did do well for around 6 weeks of meal prepping, but after that it has been on and off. I’m still going to the gym 4 times a week, but my food intake has not been as good as my workout commitments.

I continue to hit a plateau and change my workout plans. Then see a change with my physic and then the same happens again. The physical change to my body has been noted but it seems to be a slow gradual shift. I need to burn more calories, eat more correctly and be able to stick to it for longer than 6 weeks.

When I was meal prepping I did it on the weekends, mainly on a Sunday night and Monday mornings before starting work in the afternoon. I would always cook lean highly rich proteins like, Turkey, Beef, Chicken breast, Mackerel, Salmon and Tuna. I would always have at least 100-150g of protein, 100g of wholegrain carbs and 100g steamed, roasted or stir fried vegetables ( if I did not have enough carbs then I would bulk up the meal with more veg)

I would make around 8-10 meals for the week and have protein shakes at least twice a day eating 4-6 times a day including shakes. 

A typical meal planned structure for me was like this:
Morning 7:00am (before leaving for work)

1 medium sized Banana


Phd Diet whey protein shake (bought from


5 scrambbled eggs (3 whole, 2 white) with avocado and red chilies


Minced Turkey Bolognese, wholegrain spaghetti, boiled mixed veggies and half a sweet potato.




Phd Diet whey protein shake (might add in an apple or banana to help me stay fuller for longer)


Minced Turkey Bolognese, wholegrain spaghetti, boiled mixed veggies and half a sweet potato.

22:30-23;00 (arriving home after work if hungry)

100g low fat cottage cheese with cinnamon

When I was doing this I felt at my best I had more energy than ever plus, my focus was on point. I know meal prepping is at least 70-80% off the fitness journey and I need to get back to doing it, and being more strict with my eating habits.

Any advice regarding meal prepping and how to stick with it would be much appriciated.