I decided to become a chef 10 years ago and I have never looked back. Making a decision about working with food was easy, I watched cooking shows and always wondered what it would be like to cook in a professional kitchen. As a child I used to spend endless hours in my mum’s kitchen, learning how to chop vegetables, prepare meat and fish and mostly, how to handle food with love. My mum taught me how to pay attention to food, how to treat each ingredient with care, how (and at what point during the cooking process) to add one to another so they are cooked perfectly and become a coherent dish. My mum’s asian roots (being from the Philippines) played a big role in drawing me in too. The ingredients were exotic and fragrant, everything seemed so magical and I just couldn’t resist. Cooking turned out to be more of a mystery, a strategic process with a lot of thought and preparation put into it, rather than a thoughtless throwing things together and heating them up. I wanted in, I wanted to know everything there is to know about the magic of cooking!

As a natural progression I entered a catering college and spent the next 3 years training in classical French cooking techniques. I entered a professional kitchen whilst still in college and progressed from there. Throughout the years I have experienced being a part of various kitchen teams around London, climbed the professional ladder to lead my own teams but never stopped learning, getting amazed by how creative cooking can be and being curious about the amazing way of marrying various cuisines together.

We don’t all have to have an incredible passion for food, but the bottom line is, we all need to eat to stay alive and there is no reason why cooking should be a torture (tired of those 100 ingredient recipes? You are not alone !) Most people find food preparation rather difficult and (if cooking at home at all) end up preparing the same boring meals over and over again… Am i right? Yes, you can order a take away every now and then and yes, you can go out to break the mould, but at the end of the day you are going to have to face that kitchen again! SO LET ME HELP YOU COOK! Let me teach you a few simple rules that will make your food better and the cooking process more enjoyable. Yes – believe me – it can be fun!

I am on a mission – to bring the joy back to cooking and to give you a bit of extra confidence when you are staring into that fridge, with trembling knees, not knowing where to start!


1. Are you planning a date, trying to impress someone special? Invite me to your kitchen and I will help you prepare an amazing three course meal to wow them! Don’t worry – I will leave before your date arrives (you will be left with instructions on final finishing techniques) – so you can swim in all the glory when your date realises this amazing food was prepared in your kitchen! (Well, it was!).

2. Looking for an inspiring idea for a hen/birthday/any-other-kind party? Invite your friends over and I can teach all of you how to prepare a dish of your choice (let it be a confit of duck or…. a pizza! Whatever tickles your fancy)

3. Are you interested in finding out more about how professional chefs put a menu together? Would you like to learn how to plan your weekly menu based on the time you have available, the size of your fridge and your budget? Would you like to know how to marry flavors together and build your own recipes? Well, I can certainly help you with that. I am happy to work with individuals or groups.

4. Are you NOT interested in finding out more about food – you just have a party coming up and need an experienced private chef that will handle the whole menu preparation/cooking malarkey while you are sipping on a Mojito… Not a problem. I am your man!

I will be delighted to work with you whatever the circumstances. Please inbox me for details of how to get started and if none of the above options is quite suited to your situation, but you are interested in a professional chef’s assistance, I am open to suggestions and would love to hear from you!

Best wishes,