It has been a while!

Hello my fellow bloggers. I just want to say thank you to the bloggers that read my post now and again and also thank you to the followers that have not stopped following,… Continue reading

Assessing taste and quality of dishes

“Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements.” Marcel Boulestin, chef, food writer (1878-1943) It is very important for us chefs and foodies to… Continue reading

Mircel’s Kitchen Challenge – Method Frying and Baking

So this months challenge you had to create a dish with any ingredients that were in your fridge,freeze and pantry and using the cooking methods: Frying and Baking. The dish I created using… Continue reading

April Cooking Challenge – Method: Frying and Baking

Hi everyone and welcome to the 1st Cooking With What You’ve Got Challenge (CWWYG). So this month the challenge will get you using the cooking methods of Frying And Baking. This challenge is… Continue reading

(IBA) 1st Blogging Award

Last month I had been informed that I have been awarded the Illuminating Blogger Award by C.J of Foodstoriesblog. C.J had left me a message on my blog telling me that I have been awarded… Continue reading

A Recipe From My Cookbook In The Making

So it has been a while since I have posted a recipe. I have been working on my first cookbook this past month, working long hours, planing my trips around the philippines for… Continue reading

Say Hello To “In Vitro Meat”

The race to create edible, lab-generated meat could be about to hit the finishing line, as Dutch scientists prepare to slap the first in vitro burger on the barbecue. The first burger will have cost an… Continue reading

Cooking With What You’ve Got Challenge

The Cooking With What You’ve Got Challenge is going to be held once a month. I have decided to organise this challenge, so that you can get the chef within to come out… Continue reading

Food Safety

At the beginning of my career my first lesson with food was to learn and understand about food hygiene and safety. Food hygiene should be in the minds of a chef every step of… Continue reading

No Cooking Needed, Just Print Your Own Food

The past 3 years or so there has been quite a buzz going around about 3d printers. There have been claims that the china manufacturing industry will be under pressure as more and… Continue reading